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Discipline is everything

Discipline is what makes a submissive great.

With me, some words might... turn that on, without even me noticing. The word Discipline, for example.

It's like my mind (and body) is trained to hear a word and in a matter of seconds act a certain way accordingly. Very disturbing, I must say. I didn't notice this until what happened with boyfriend.

I tried to think who the better trainer out of my favorite Doms was. They were different, of course, but same logic with training. To be honest, one was born in the former USSR (former Soviet Union) and the other was born in the former GDR (former East Germany), so they might had similar learning experiences when growing up.

How do you train a sub? The same as a dog, I guess. Maybe just less nice and with massive punishments if she doesn't behave the way you want her to.

I think Alex (the Russian) created the monster, and Klaus (the German) improved to perfection. Alex used more physical force, while Klaus was smarter in figure out ways to make me obedient without physical punishments (which in itself was a punishment, but that's what you do to a brat). Both trained me so well and made me obey everything, without any thinking process, so obviously they needed code words.

Discipline. I should be disciplined. I'm not self-disciplined, so they had to step in. Well, they weren't wrong.

So yes, boyfriend, it is a trigger word, and now I know you play.

But you play with fire.


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