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Boyfriend is vanilla. He has some chocolate in him, but he's still hesitant to explore it. Obviously, I encourage him, but he needs time to digest.

We know each other for more than 10 years, but on and off contact, so until 6 months ago I was just the fantasy he could have only twice.

Boyfriend is insanely hot and sexy, but boyfriend is vanilla.

I like to write, and he likes to hear and read my short sexy (okay, maybe a bit pornographic…) stories. Every time he gives me another topic and I write something for him. Occasionally, like the other day, I ask to write a story from my own world. He said yes

and I wrote one. It wasn't long, but it was… very… intensive.

He reacted with - "Wow, one hell of a fantasy you wrote me."

"Yeah, well… This is what I like…"

Then he proved he listens to me. To say the truth, he caught me by surprise with –

"So this is the CNC (consensual-non-consensual) you were talking about?"

"Kind of, yes."

"We can try. It sounds like something worth trying."

I agree.


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